I love myself

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself.

I’m tired and feeling a little down today. Getting weird vibes and I’m trying to fight those off right now by being positive and loving myself. 

Everything is fine. This is it, and it’s perfect. Nothing is wrong. And right now in this moment I am Love. I am passion. I am beauty.

I love…

There are a lot of things and people that I love. However, I never really stopped to think and notice and wonder if I love myself.

I mean, do you? Do you tell yourself daily that you love yourself? Do you find yourself smiling to thoughts of when you did something cute, or adorable, like you would toward someone you love beside yourself? 

I don’t think I ever did, or do often enough. So, I’m now on a journey to love myself, to the fullest everyday. I am going to mantra the words “I love myself” all day long, in my head, out loud, in the mirror, while I lay down at night, while I meditate, while I’m sad or upset, or mad, while I’m happy, while I’m loving someone else… I’m going to say those three words so much that my brain will have no choice but to default to that. That I love myself. 

Today, I’m declaring that I love myself. And everyday from here on out, I will do something to prove it. Please, if you’re reading this, take this on as your own personal journey. See how it changes your life. And let me know about it. 

Love yourself. Declare. Say it. Do it. 


When the Whole City Wakes Up Together 

I always get a kick out of weird things that happen, but it’s even better when it happens to everyone I know at the same time. Okay, what am I taking about? Last night’s thunder storm, in San Diego. 

I have no idea what time it happened, and I’ve been too busy to look it up, but according to everyone else’s testaments, it seems like it happened sometime around 3 am. 

Whenever it was, it happened, and it was completely unexpected. If you’re not from San Diego, you might not know what the big deal is. The big deal? We don’t get thunder and lightning often. In fact, up until the last 3 years, I have never heard thunder or seen lightning in San Diego since I moved here. 

The other big deal… It was so startling loud, that it woke up the ENTIRE city. I have talked everyone I know today and chuckle when I find out that they always were woken up at the same time I was. These people are spread out all over San Diego too. So, it was clearly a serious boom. 

I’m terrified of thunder and lightning, so it made me sit straight up in bed, and it scared my dog too. We are thunder buddies, in case you’d isn’t assume. We get scared together and we cuddle and hide while shivering under the covers. 

Anyway, I just want to acknowledge that most of us that live in San Diego are all on the same level of fatigue today, thanks to the window shattering thunder. And I think it’s down right hilarious. I love company! 🙂

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